Warren Morris Walk-Off '96 CWS

Originally published February 26, 2014

Few people have done things in life that have created a dogpile. Warren Morris is one of those dudes. Morris hit this walk-off tater to win the College World Series in 1996 for Louisiana State University. LSU downed Miami, as a laying down Alex Cora will demonstrate.

Morris, LSU's incumbent second baseman, missed all of the '96 regular season with a broken wrist - sapping his power. When he returned to the postseason lineup, he was relegated to bottom-of-the-order duty.

What I love about this Daily Dinger is the spirit of college baseball, which is the best kind of baseball there is. Guys play it at the highest possible level without getting paid. College players leave it on the field. This is why I'm not judging Cora right now.

What happens when Morris hits this jack is pure love of teammates and a genuine love for the game. That's how it should be. Of note: this is the only walk-off, 9th inning, 2 out, championship-winning home run in the history of professional or college baseball. Fact check it.

I hope Warren Morris (who had a decent, if not short, pro career) announces this every time he walks into a bar and has to compare glory days with washed-up former players and cleat-chaser rejects.