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Where do I begin?

At the age of 6 baseball captured my attention. By the age of 12 it had a vice-grip hold on my heart.  By the time I was 18, it became my entire identity.  Now at the dawn (prime?) of middle age, it may as well be simply part of my DNA. It's there whether I recognize it or not. It fills a place in most of my memories - good and bad.  Most all of my lifelong friends are in place because of baseball. I still wear facial hair like a ballplayer. I still wear a cap down low. I'd wear eyeblack to work if it was socially acceptable. I'm enough of a dreamer to feel like I could hit a major league fastball, and enough of a realist to know I couldn't hit a minor league slider.

My name is Gary Killingsworth and I'm probably not "qualified" to write a baseball blog. I played baseball in Little League, through high school, a few years in college, and then played a few more years in "semi-bro" leagues. After the spikes were hung, I worked in the baseball "industry" selling and marketing equipment for the better part of my mid 20's & early 30's just to stay close to the game.

I created this blog as a way for me to stay connected to the game I love.  To share some of my views, observations, experiences, complaints, etc.

I write about what I want, when I can, and on whatever topic connects with me.

Thanks for visiting.