Pods Walks Off Game 2 2005

As we near the first pitch for Game 2 of the '19 World Series, it's amazing to look back - sometimes 14 years , sometimes 24 hours - on the unexpected events that we get to witness. Last night, Washington's Juan Soto (20 yrs) goes 3 for 3 with an opposite field home run in his first World Series game. Mr. National, Ryan Zimmerman, hits a tater on his first World Series at bat. This was off of the 6-months-of-utter-unhittability pitching of Houston's Gerrit Cole. While the power of these two guys could be expected, sometimes in the Series, the power comes from a very unexpected source.

Fourteen years ago, basestealer extraordinaire Scott Podsednik delivered one of the most unexpected moments in World Series history. This was Game 2 of the 2005 World Series pitting the National League Champion Houston Astros against the American League Champs, the Chicago White Sox. "Pods", who stole 59 bases in the regular season, but hit exactly ZERO home runs, took Houston closer Brad Lidge deep to right center for a one out, walk off HR for a 7-6 Sox victory. It was an incredible scene.

Chicago went on to sweep Houston in four games, although each game was tight. In researching this game, it was a reminder of other unexpected events in Series lore. White Sox slugger Paul Konerko hit a grand slam in this game. This was the second time in history that a walk off home run and a grand slam were hit in the same World Series game. Albeit, by players of the same team. The only other time was the majestic 1988 Fall Classic where Oakland's Jose Canseco went grand salami (expected) and a limping Kirk Gibson hit...well, you know the rest of that.

There were a few players who also made an impact on this game, and it was a blast-from-the-recent-past to see some of these names: Morgan Ensberg, Andy Pettite (oh yeah! LOL. As an Astro), Joe Crede, Jeff Nelson, Jermaine Dye, Bobby (cough) Jenks.

Before I forget...you may recall that Brad Lidge also gave up another notable homer.

Enjoy Game 2.