Darth Vader's Moonshot

Originally published on May 4, 2014

Today's Daily Dinger takes a look at veteran slugger Darth Vader, and this enormous moonshot, (actually, it's not a moon...it's a space station), that actually left the stadium. Vader always had prodigious power, even as a young child. Whispers of PED's have plagued him for years, but research has always indicated that his talent came from a high natural count of midichlorians.

This long ball is very impressive as Vader actually takes it to the opposite field, almost to straightaway center. It's absolutely blasted. Hopefully no independent contractors were injured when it landed. It's amazing the power that Vader generates, especially this late in his career. Injuries have taken their toll on his body. His lower body is so stiff, almost robotic, from traumatic injuries as a young player. He also suffered a serious hand injury while playing minor league ball in Mustafar.

Pitchers have complained for years about their inability to pitch him inside because he wears so much protective gear at the plate. When he gets his arms extended, he's a Force to be reckoned with. Though the bootleg video doesn't capture it, word has it that he rivaled David Ortiz's slow trot around the diamond. When you hit the ball that far, take your time I guess.