Darryl Strawberry 1986 Series

Originally published February 18, 2014

Oh the 1986 Mets. What's not to love? Doc, Nails, Mookie, The Kid, Mex, Davey and...Straw. While everyone remembers the Game 6 theatrics that made a highlight out of Mookie Wilson's worm-killer - and ruined the legacy of a very good player - many forget that the Sox actually still had a chance to win the Series in Game 7. Darryl Strawberry's epic blast at Shea Stadium helped seal their doom.

I loved watching Straw swing the bat. His swing was smooth and powerful, and most of his long balls were arching and majestic. I don't need to go into the story about how it was a "shame" or any other overplayed copy about how his personal life derailed his career. He still provided us with a lot of great baseball moments.

What many people don't know about this home run is that Strawberry was miffed at Mets manager Davey Johnson, who had Straw on the pine during the epic final innings of Game 6. This was his lone HR in the Series, and what you're seeing during this video is Strawberry's personal revenge. This was a great team. No doubt. Tons of talent. They were also a bunch of assholes, which makes the story even better. Enjoy the jack, and make sure to have the volume up to hear the immortal Vin Scully make the call.