Bryce Harper Opening Day '13

Originally published on March 30, 2014

Bryce Harper is a perfect example of a player who has "worn me down". That is meant to be a compliment. What can be said about Harper and his once-in-a-lifetime talent that hasn't already been written? I'm not just talking about his two solid MLB seasons, but the kid has been a legend in the amateur circuit for years. He's a genuine star, and will be for a long time. Get used to him.

Why I say that he has worn me down, is that I'm usually anti-hype. Harper arrived with a lot of fanfare, a lot of press, and a lot of expectations. He also brought a chip on his shoulder, some swagger, and a lot of "look at me" tendencies. Or so I thought. Then I watched the kid play. I started to think of his dripping eyeblack as "ok". I liked that he wore his pants up. I love his effort. Harper plays hard. We've seen him slide. We've seen him crash into walls. We've seen him hack, complete with a very unique "Piazza-esque two-handed bat wrap follow through", which is unusual for a left handed power hitter.

A year ago, on Opening Day 2013, Harper treated National fans to a 2 HR day. Let's take a look back at two impressive swings, and a look forward to a new season. With talent between the lines like Bryce Harper, it should be fun.

P.S. Nats fans...enjoy him while you can. Before he's a Yankee.*

*Welp. Missed on that one huh?